Love x Style x Life_ Garance Doré

2016 Jul. 23 23

picture from Simon & Schuster UK

Love x Style x Life

Garance Doré

Simon & Schuster

‘Knowing yourself is knowing the distance between your dream self and your real self.’

這是法國時尚部落客、攝影師、插畫家Garance Doré的自傳性質散文集。


我覺得這本Love × Style × Life是很成功的例子。它是非常典型的coffee table book,就是家裡有人來作客時會特別從書架上抽出來擺在顯眼地方的那種漂亮書。整本書質感真的很好,設計性也很強,封面有燙金首先就加三分。另外因為收錄了許多作者自己的攝影作品,所以採用高磅數的亮面紙(這幾個用詞有待商榷,看看就好),再搭配上大膽的用色、字型變化和雜誌般的排版方式,本身就是一件藝術品,很難相信這是一本部落客書。我原本並不認識Garance Doré,因為被它的質感吸引,進而認識了這位幽默又優雅的部落客。是一件出版社、作者雙贏的作品。



preface. I’ve tried to hold onto my French-ness by celebrating my imperfections and savoring my daily glass of red wine, while embracing that wonderful, empowering New York swagger. Being a French woman with an incorrigible sense of irony-but also letting myself get taken by the American dream. And realizing along the way that no matter what city we’re in, we all want the same thing. / We want love. We want to fell beautiful. We want to be good friends, good partners, good sisters, good daughters. We want to know how to never buy the wrong pair of shoes again. […] We want to feel fulfilled by the work that we do, whatever that work may be.  / Most of all, we want to find our place in this world.

p.83 This is how my story began. A computer, a name, and a dream. / And an infinite dose of energy, bubbling up after years of failure and frustration.

p.121 My beautiful sister managed to become a deeply profound, strong woman in spite of the false dreams people threw at her.

p.236 Some lessons can’t be taught. You have to experience them.

p.255 Oh, and I met someone the other day… And that will probably be a new chapter with so many new love lessons. I hope it will last forever, but maybe it will be just a few days, and it will be great either way. Because you never stop learning about love. Love is joy, pain, surrender, laughter, pleasure. Love is chemistry. Love is one’s life’s greatest adventures.



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