After You_ Jojo Moyes

2016 Jul. 16 21

picture from Penguin Books

After You

Jojo Moyes


I loved a man who had opened up a world to me but hadn’t loved me enough to stay in it.


After You是Me Before You的續集,講述的是那些活著的人在事件發生之後的生活和各自的療傷之旅。

不知道作者在計畫Me Before You的時候是否就設定他是一部上下兩集的小說,這本續集給我的感覺非常勉強,像是為了滿足粉絲敲碗才硬生出來的故事。

對於先看了電影才看書的讀者而言,Me Before You豐富的細節和強勁的渲染力絕對會讓人好奇這些角色接下來的走向和生活。不過這本續集真的令人非常失望,第一本就存在的好萊塢感在這一集裡完全大爆發,整本書狗血灑不停,非常沒有真實感,幾個重大的轉折處我甚至忍不住翻了白眼。原本討喜的角色失去了原有的吸引力,連主角Lou原先的獨特感也消失殆盡。我可以理解她因為悲痛而變得不像自己,但這個改變未免也太劇烈了(而且沒有隨著時間改善),那個樂天幽默、風格強烈的Lou彷彿跟著Will一起死去了。

我覺得,After You的出發點很好,原本可以是很棒的作品,但作者現在端出來的這一個版本我並不喜歡,精采度、感人度和第一集都不能相比。比起外在發生的事件,我更喜歡看角色內在心理的轉變。我想要看到更多Lou在這段時間心境上的差異和整體的成長,覺得這樣一來可以讓故事更細膩;另外,如果能加入Will的視角或許也會很有意思(雖然這樣可能就不能叫sequel了)。

總之,這本書並不是所有Me Before You粉絲都必看的作品,推薦給那些既是粉絲,又喜歡被大小事件填滿的故事(意即: 很忙的故事)的讀者,如果你和我一樣喜歡在角色心裡/大腦中徜徉,那麼停在Me Before You是比較理想的選擇。

台灣月初出中文版了喔!點連結到博客來: 你轉身之後

p.24 Those early months, it was as if I had lost a layer or skin- I felt everything more intensely. I woke up laughing, or crying, saw everything as if a filter had been removed.

p.137  You learn to live with it, with them. Because they do stay with you, even if they’re not living, breathing people any more. It’s not the same crushing grief you felt at first, the kind that swamps you, and makes you want to cry in the wrong places, and get irrationally angry with all the idiots who are still alive when the person you love is dead. It’s just something you learn to accommodate. Like adapting around a hole. I don’t know. It’s like you become a doughnut instead of a bun.

p.227 […] no journey out of grief was straightforward. There would be good days and bad days. Today was just a bad day, a kink in the road, to be traversed and survived.

p.348 Moving on doesn’t mean you loved my dad any less, you know. I’m pretty sure even he would tell you that.

p.396 I like to say that although we’re called the Moving On Circle, none of us moves on without a backward look. We move on always carrying with us those we have lost. What we aim to do in our little group is ensure that carrying them is not a burden that feels impossible to bear, a weight keeping us stuck in the same place.



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