The Danish Girl_David Ebershoff

2016 Mar. 28 07

picture from The Orion Publishing Group

The Danish Girl

David Ebershoff


‘Would Einar and Lili exit, hand in hand? Bones buried in the bog.’



《丹麥女孩》The Danish Girl (性/別詮釋篇)


我非常喜歡Greta這個角色。我佩服她的愛、她的付出、包容、犧牲、成全,還有改變。對,改變。雖然書裡說 ‘Lili was always changing, but not Greta, never Greta (p.251).’,但我看著她從任性的富家小公主,在人生風雨的淬鍊之下,成為一個成熟又柔軟的女性。在我看來,她才是整本書裡改變最多的角色。









p.56 He realized that Lili and he shared something: a pair of oyster-blue lungs; a chugging heart; their eyes, often rimmed pink with fatigue. But in the skull it was almost as if there were two brains, a walnut halved: his and hers.

p.185 But Carlisle was right about one thing: Einar would have to decide for himself. Greta would have to make him believe, as she did, that Bolk could solve their problem, the problem that had both defined and ruined their marriage, more resolutely than any other man in the world.

p.238 ‘Am I now Lili?’ Have I become Lile Elbe?’ ‘You’ve always been Lili.’ ‘Yes, but if I were to look down there, what would I see?’ ‘Don’t think about it like that,’ Greta said. ‘That’s not the only thing that makes you Lili.’

p.238 Part of Greta was numbing over with shock. Her husband was no longer alive. It, the tingling shock of it, felt like his soul passing through her. Once again, Greta Waud was a widow, and she thought of Teddy’s coffin, stalks of birds of paradise across its lid, sinking into the earth. But she wouldn’t have to bury Einar. She had settled him into a felt-panelled compartment on a train bound for Germany, and now he was gone-as if his train had simply charged ahead into the icy January fog and disappeared for ever. She imagined that if she were to call his name it would echo, again and again, for the rest of her life.

p.263 She knew that most of her life, her previous life, was like a book she had read as a small child: it was both familiar and forgotten.

p.292 ‘It’s not that I don’t want them,’ Lili heard herself saying, this day, one of her last in the Widow House, already slipping away into memory. But whose memory? ‘I just can’t take them with me,’ and she shuddered, for suddenly it felt as if everything around her belonged to someone else.



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