This Book is Gay_ James Dawson

2016 Feb. 09  02

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This Book is Gay

James Dawson

Hot Key Books

‘Your identity is not a definition.’

我想這大概是全世界最特別的一本書。它像是LGBT*朋友的生存法則,不僅告訴讀者it is okay to be gay,更鉅細靡遺的教導LGBT*朋友該如何在這個不友善的世界裡生存,並享受生命。






p.9 We have to be able to talk about sexuality and identity in a non-hysterical way. Sexuality and gender are individual experiences; people are entitled to opinions and, vitally, we need to be able to make mistakes.

p.15 Just because LGBT* people are in a minority doesn’t mean they are not NORMAL. People with blue eyes are in the minority too, but we don’t think of them as abnormal, do we?

p.21 You have very little choice about your sexual preference or gender, but you can decide whether to make it a lifestyle.

p.56 LGB* people do not choose to be LGB*. Homophobes choose to hate.

p.236 What I’m saying is, now that we’ve sorted your identity, you’re going to have to develop a life. A whole life, of which being LGBT* is just a little bit.

p.238 I like to think that, before long, you’ll introduce yourself as ‘a dancer’, ‘a fan’, ‘a friend’, ‘a writer’ or ‘a personal trainer’ before, ‘I’m Bob and I’m gay.’ Straight people never have to say this, and neither should we.  Be proud. You have lots of different hats. Wear them all with pride.


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